API Regulation News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
The government wants Facebook to let you mass delete all your cringe teen posts (2017-05-15) mashable.com
Microsoft Calls for IoT Cybersecurity Policy Development (2017-05-15) www.darkreading.com
The Wide (2017-05-16) www.darkreading.com
OSHA suspends rule requiring firms report injury and illness data electronically (2017-05-17) www.washingtonpost.com
FCC votes to begin overturning net neutrality (2017-05-18) www.theverge.com
FCC votes to start rolling back landmark net neutrality rules (2017-05-18) www.washingtonpost.com
FCC votes to begin overturning net neutrality rules (2017-05-18) thenextweb.com
The FCC moved to undo net neutrality. So what's next? (2017-05-18) www.washingtonpost.com
FCC security accused of ‘manhandling’ reporter after net neutrality vote (2017-05-18) www.theverge.com
Facebook will pay $122 million in fines to the E.U. (2017-05-18) www.washingtonpost.com
GOP lawmaker who helped kill ISP privacy rules proposes new privacy rules (2017-05-19) arstechnica.com
New Browser Act would restore restrictions on sharing browsing history (2017-05-19) www.theverge.com
WannaCry Puts Data Privacy and Compliance Regulations in the Spotlight for Many Businesses (2017-05-19) www.carbonblack.com
The New York Stock Exchange is slowing down trading for a key market (2017-05-21) www.businessinsider.com
The FCC’s case against net neutrality rests on a deliberate misrepresentation of how the internet works (2017-05-23) techcrunch.com
EU close to making Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter block hate speech videos (2017-05-24) www.theverge.com
2.6 million comments in, the FCC has changed almost nothing about its net neutrality proposal (2017-05-24) www.theverge.com
Breaking down the FCC’s proposal to destroy net neutrality (2017-05-24) www.theverge.com
Google and Facebook lobbyists try to stop new online privacy protections (2017-05-24) arstechnica.com
The White House wants unchallenged authority to knock your drones out of the sky (2017-05-24) mashable.com
Republicans claim 1st Amendment right to send you robo (2017-05-25) arstechnica.com
Democrats want to turn net neutrality into the next GOP health (2017-05-25) www.washingtonpost.com
A U.S. senator has introduced the first bill to give gig workers benefits (2017-05-25) techcrunch.com
Why the data portability provisions of GDPR might force companies like LinkedIn to reopen their API (2017-05-26) medium.com
Facebook, Google, and other tech companies ask lawmakers to reform NSA surveillance law (2017-05-26) www.theverge.com
Uber, Lyft returning to Austin as driver (2017-05-26) arstechnica.com
Uber is only legal in London for 4 more months (2017-05-27) mashable.com
Facebook said Germany's plan to tackle fake news would make social media companies delete legal content (FB) (2017-05-30) www.businessinsider.com
Commission Impossible: How and why the FCC created net neutrality (2017-05-30) techcrunch.com
To kill net neutrality rules, FCC says broadband isn’t “telecommunications” (2017-06-01) arstechnica.com
Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, AWS WAF, and AWS Shield are now HIPAA eligible (2017-06-01) aws.amazon.com
Here's why regulators need to get serious about bitcoin (2017-06-02) www.businessinsider.com
ISPs denied entry into apartment buildings could get help from FCC (2017-06-02) arstechnica.com
UK prime minister Theresa May calls for internet regulations following London attacks (2017-06-04) www.theverge.com
Digital Privacy Is Making Antitrust Exciting Again (2017-06-04) www.wired.com
The End of Net Neutrality Could Shackle the Internet of Things (2017-06-06) www.wired.com
Introducing Heroku Shield: Continuous Delivery for High Compliance Apps (2017-06-06) blog.heroku.com
When Trump blocks Americans on Twitter, that may violate the Constitution (2017-06-06) boingboing.net
Privatizing air traffic control for drone delivery (2017-06-07) www.businessinsider.com
Chinese authorities busted an underground network selling iPhone users’ personal data (2017-06-08) www.theverge.com
FTC Issues Advice on Mobile Phone Data Security, Identity Theft (2017-06-12) www.darkreading.com
IBM is letting Watson loose on Wall Street regulations (2017-06-13) www.businessinsider.com
Ohio drunk drivers ordered to install Uber or Lyft (2017-06-14) www.engadget.com
Data Access and API Strategy in the European Union (2017-06-14) dret.typepad.com
How Changes to the EU’s General Data Protection Plan Regulation Impact Your Business (2017-06-15) www.bmc.com
Netflix joins Amazon and Reddit in Day of Action to save net neutrality (2017-06-15) arstechnica.com
Germany tongue (2017-06-16) thenextweb.com
EU Welcomes Big Data Legislation (2017-06-16) blogs.cisco.com
Texas explicitly allows driverless car tests (2017-06-17) www.engadget.com
EU proposes banning encryption backdoors (2017-06-19) www.engadget.com
EU wants clear drone regulations in place by 2019 (2017-06-19) www.engadget.com
Texas makes self (2017-06-20) readwrite.com
Regulation of Big Data: Perspectives on Strategy, Policy, Law and Privacy (2017-06-22) thegovlab.org
IBM Offers Companies Help on Pending EU Data Governance (2017-06-22) thenewstack.io
Google urges Congress to revise outdated overseas data laws (2017-06-22) www.engadget.com
Here's what deregulation means for US fintechs (2017-06-23) www.businessinsider.com
Does US have right to data on overseas servers? We’re about to find out (2017-06-23) arstechnica.com
New EU Privacy Laws Will Complicate B2B Data Sharing (2017-06-26) kasperskycontenthub.com
A new FAA bill could bring drone deliveries closer to reality (2017-06-26) www.businessinsider.com
Ringless voicemail spam won’t be exempt from anti (2017-06-26) arstechnica.com
Russia threatens to ban Telegram if it doesn’t hand over data (2017-06-26) www.engadget.com
Google fined a record €2.4 billion by the EU for manipulating search results (2017-06-27) www.theverge.com
Va. Supreme Court to hear case challenging police retention of license plate data (2017-06-27) www.washingtonpost.com
Google Hit With $2.7 Billion Antitrust Fine (2017-06-27) kasperskycontenthub.com
How PSD2 Will Change Europe’s Banks For The Better (2017-06-27) medium.com
Telegram Agrees to Register Messaging App With Russia (2017-06-28) www.darkreading.com
Telegram will register with Russia but won't share secure data (2017-06-28) www.engadget.com
A new internet safety bill would ban swatting, doxxing, and sextortion all at once (2017-06-29) www.theverge.com
Germany passes controversial law to fine Facebook over hate speech (2017-06-30) www.theverge.com
Germany has approved €50 million fake news fines that could target Facebook and Google (FB, GOOG) (2017-06-30) www.businessinsider.com
GDPR, Cisco and You (2017-06-30) blogs.cisco.com
FAA considers remote identification system for drones in the US (2017-07-01) www.engadget.com
Is it Time to Can the CAN (2017-07-02) krebsonsecurity.com
Google’s DeepMind and UK hospitals made illegal deal for health data, says watchdog (2017-07-03) www.theverge.com
UK data regulator says DeepMind’s initial deal with the NHS broke privacy law (2017-07-03) techcrunch.com
UK’S NHS has violated privacy of 1.6M patients in Google DeepMind medical trial, ICO says (2017-07-03) thenextweb.com
Facebook is fighting the US on user data requests (2017-07-04) www.engadget.com
GDPR: Start Your Privacy Protection Planning Now (2017-07-05) blogs.cisco.com
The FAA is examining ways to identify drones in the air and their owners (2017-07-05) www.businessinsider.com
EU gets behind ‘right to repair’ to combat short product lifespans (2017-07-06) thenextweb.com
Twitter gets a win in lawsuit against U.S. government for right to reveal data requests (2017-07-06) mashable.com
FAA offers registration refunds for casual drone pilots (2017-07-07) www.engadget.com
The only way to stop another WannaCry is with regulations (2017-07-08) www.engadget.com
More Bitcoin regulations are coming (2017-07-10) www.businessinsider.com
Telcos Singled Out for Prioritizing Government Requests for Data Over Privacy (2017-07-10) kasperskycontenthub.com
The High Costs of GDPR Compliance (2017-07-11) www.darkreading.com
AT&T joins net neutrality protest—despite suing to block neutrality rules (2017-07-11) arstechnica.com
The Unspoken Reality of Net Neutrality (2017-07-11) moz.com
Defending the open internet (2017-07-12) blogs.dropbox.com
How to write a meaningful FCC comment supporting net neutrality (2017-07-12) arstechnica.com
Apple builds data center to obey Chinese cybersecurity rules (2017-07-12) www.engadget.com
US government removes Kaspersky from approved vendors list (2017-07-12) www.engadget.com
US Government Limits Purchase of Kaspersky Lab Software (2017-07-12) www.darkreading.com
Why we support net neutrality and the open Internet (2017-07-12) sunlightfoundation.com
The FCC says net neutrality destroys small ISPs. So has it? (2017-07-13) www.theverge.com
AT&T’s ‘support’ for net neutrality means tricking customers to fight against it (2017-07-13) www.theverge.com
Americans sent the FCC 1.6 million pro (2017-07-13) boingboing.net
Net neutrality supporters sent over 5 million emails to the FCC (2017-07-13) www.engadget.com
US Customs says it can’t search cloud data at the border (2017-07-13) www.theverge.com
Australia plans law to force tech giants to decrypt messages (2017-07-13) hosted.ap.org
Ajit Pai not concerned about number of pro (2017-07-14) arstechnica.com
Facebook says it shouldn’t have to stay mum when government seeks user data (2017-07-15) www.washingtonpost.com
Elon Musk says we need to regulate AI before it becomes a danger to humanity (2017-07-17) www.theverge.com
Comcast says it should be able to create internet fast lanes for self (2017-07-17) www.theverge.com
Comcast’s FCC filing pits pet economists against net neutrality rules (2017-07-17) techcrunch.com
Comcast tells the FCC that net neutrality should be voluntary (2017-07-17) www.engadget.com
Elon Musk calls on governments to start regulating AI (2017-07-17) readwrite.com
Security Could Be Weakened If UK (2017-07-18) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
FBI: IoT Toys Could Present a Privacy and Safety Risk (2017-07-18) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Report confirms Brexit’s boomerang logic on data protection (2017-07-18) techcrunch.com
FBI issues warning to parents about toys spying on their kids (2017-07-18) thenextweb.com
FCC refuses to release text of more than 40,000 net neutrality complaints (2017-07-18) arstechnica.com
A lawsuit filed in NYC claims Uber is in violation of human rights laws (2017-07-18) mashable.com
Uber is getting sued by disability advocates again (2017-07-18) thenextweb.com
Today in OpenGov: The FCC’s failure to communicate (2017-07-19) sunlightfoundation.com
White House gives thumbs up to overturning net neutrality rules (2017-07-19) arstechnica.com
AI data (2017-07-19) techcrunch.com
Elon Musk clarifies that AI regulation should follow observation and insight (2017-07-19) techcrunch.com
Judge: Glassdoor reviews aren’t “political,” so feds can grab user identities (2017-07-20) arstechnica.com
Judge halts Wisconsin county rule for apps like Pokemon Go (2017-07-21) hosted.ap.org
UK drone rules will require you to take safety tests (2017-07-22) www.engadget.com
Drone registration coming to the UK (2017-07-22) techcrunch.com
Accused of throttling Netflix, Verizon starts site to explain how Wi (2017-07-24) thenextweb.com
Verizon argues throttling video is allowed under net neutrality rules (2017-07-25) www.theverge.com
Net neutrality faceoff: Congress summons ISPs and websites to hearing (2017-07-25) arstechnica.com
Russia Passes Bill Banning Tor, VPNs (2017-07-25) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
SEC regulators are coming after ICOs (2017-07-25) techcrunch.com
Verizon accused of violating net neutrality rules by throttling video (2017-07-26) arstechnica.com
Bitcoin grows up and gets its first federally regulated exchange (2017-07-26) www.engadget.com
As Thailand restricts internet freedom, cyber activists work to keep an open web (2017-07-27) thenextweb.com
UpCodes makes researching building regulations less exhausting for architects (2017-07-27) techcrunch.com
Steve Bannon Wants Facebook and Google Regulated Like Utilities (2017-07-27) theintercept.com
Senate bill would stop police from obtaining emails and location data without a warrant (2017-07-27) www.theverge.com
Politicians’ social media pages can be 1st Amendment forums, judge says (2017-07-28) arstechnica.com
Dear Floyd Mayweather, you’re why the SEC exists (2017-07-28) techcrunch.com
Why the feds took down one of Bitcoin’s largest exchanges (2017-07-29) www.theverge.com
Congress looks into government agencies' deals with Kaspersky (2017-07-29) www.engadget.com
FCC says sharing DDoS attack details undermines security (2017-07-31) www.engadget.com
Republicans try to take cheap phones and broadband away from poor people (2017-08-01) arstechnica.com
US Senators Propose IoT Security Legislation (2017-08-01) www.darkreading.com
New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards (2017-08-01) krebsonsecurity.com
Legislation Proposed to Secure Connected IoT Devices (2017-08-01) kasperskycontenthub.com
Telegram builds a direct hotline for authorities, so they can pull down illegal content quickly (2017-08-02) mashable.com
US Senators Intro IoT Security Bill (2017-08-02) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
UK Data Protection Bill, Incorporating GDPR, Expected in September (2017-08-02) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Three things every IoT manufacturer should do to improve security (2017-08-02) readwrite.com
DoJ Launches Framework for Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (2017-08-03) www.darkreading.com
DRM in web standards creates new barriers to accessibility (2017-08-03) boingboing.net
FCC offers 'reverse (2017-08-03) www.engadget.com
Are Third (2017-08-04) www.darkreading.com
Coming soon to a Parliament near you – UK's Data Protection Bill • The Register (2017-08-04) www.theregister.co.uk
The Hidden Treasure of the Cyber Executive Order (2017-08-04) blogs.cisco.com
US Army reportedly ceasing use of all DJI drone products (2017-08-04) www.engadget.com
Seattle study puts down some common criticisms of Airbnb (2017-08-06) techcrunch.com
The UK government has issued new cybersecurity guidelines for smart cars (2017-08-06) www.theverge.com
UK Writes GDPR into Law with New Data Protection Bill (2017-08-07) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
UK plans to strengthen online 'right to be forgotten' (2017-08-07) hosted.ap.org
New data privacy laws will let Brits erase childhood social posts (2017-08-07) www.engadget.com
Judge: IBM owes Indiana $78M for failed welfare automation (2017-08-07) hosted.ap.org
A government study found DJI drone, banned by US Army, kept data safe (2017-08-07) www.theverge.com
Five Top Trends in Cybersecurity Regulations (2017-08-08) blog.aravo.com
The world's most automated country moves toward setting a 'robot tax' (2017-08-10) mashable.com
FCC wants mobile data to count as broadband internet (2017-08-10) www.engadget.com
FCC seemingly forgot about a net neutrality complaint filed against Verizon (2017-08-10) arstechnica.com
FCC extends net neutrality comment period by two weeks (2017-08-11) www.theverge.com
FCC extends net neutrality public comment period until August 30th (2017-08-11) www.engadget.com
Why legislation alone won’t solve the insecurity of the Internet of Things (2017-08-11) readwrite.com
UK Regulations Need an Update to Make Way for Medical AI (2017-08-12) www.datainnovation.org
Algorithmic regulation: A critical interrogation (2017-08-13) thegovlab.org
We need a safe space for policy failure (2017-08-14) thegovlab.org
LinkedIn loses legal right to protect user data from AI scraping (2017-08-14) thenextweb.com
Microsoft ordered to let third parties scrape LinkedIn data (2017-08-15) www.theverge.com
LinkedIn can’t block scrapers from monitoring user activity (2017-08-15) www.engadget.com
Uber settles with FTC over allegations it failed to protect customer data (2017-08-15) www.washingtonpost.com
Apple, Facebook, and other companies ask Supreme Court to block warrantless cellphone tracking (2017-08-15) www.theverge.com
Uber settles claims that it mishandled private information about users and drivers (2017-08-15) www.theverge.com
Tech companies want user data protected from warrantless searches (2017-08-15) www.engadget.com
Pressured by government, Uber agrees to protect rider data (2017-08-15) hosted.ap.org
Judge orders LinkedIn to stop blocking data (2017-08-15) hosted.ap.org
Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits following FTC charges (2017-08-15) arstechnica.com
Pressured by government, Uber agrees to protect rider data (2017-08-15) hosted.ap.org
Uber Agrees to 20 Years of Privacy Audits by the FTC (2017-08-17) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
AT&T’s attempt to stall Google Fiber construction thrown out by judge (2017-08-17) arstechnica.com
Cloudflare CEO calls for a system to regulate hateful internet content (2017-08-17) techcrunch.com
Independent inquiry called for in FCC’s secretive cyberattack claims (2017-08-17) techcrunch.com
Congressmen call for investigation of FCC cyberattack claims (2017-08-17) www.engadget.com
Why You Need to Care About Net Neutrality (2017-08-18) auth0.com
GDPR Compliance Preparation: A High (2017-08-24) www.darkreading.com
DreamHost ordered to provide data on anti (2017-08-24) techcrunch.com
The future of your data could rest in the outcome of LinkedIn vs HiQ case (2017-08-24) thenextweb.com
Judge orders DreamHost to hand over data from anti (2017-08-24) www.engadget.com
Court says DreamHost must give information on Trump protest site to the DOJ (2017-08-24) mashable.com
Snoopers’ Charter Could Scupper UK (2017-08-25) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
YELLEN: Any changes to the regulations that police Wall Street should be 'modest' (2017-08-25) www.businessinsider.com
Cleveland residents take AT&T broadband complaint to the FCC (2017-08-25) www.engadget.com
Why Pro (2017-08-25) medium.com
California seeks to boost electric (2017-08-28) hosted.ap.org
New York's Historic FinSec Regulation Covers DDoS, Not Just Data (2017-08-28) www.darkreading.com
What is the future of self (2017-08-28) readwrite.com
Many Orgs Face GDPR Noncompliance Without a Data Protection Officer (2017-08-29) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Where is my data!? Why GDPR is good for Mainframes (2017-08-30) www.ca.com
European Commission is Right To Reject a Screen (2017-08-30) www.datainnovation.org
Chinese regulators crack down on ICO risks (2017-08-30) www.businessinsider.com
465k patients told to visit doctor to patch critical pacemaker vulnerability (2017-08-30) arstechnica.com
AT&T absurdly claims that most “legitimate” net neutrality comments favor repeal (2017-08-30) arstechnica.com
Almost half a million pacemakers need a firmware update to avoid getting hacked (2017-08-30) www.theverge.com
St. Jude Pacemaker Gets Firmware Update 'Intended as a Recall' (2017-08-30) www.darkreading.com
FDA announces first (2017-08-30) blogs.cisco.com
UK Firms on GDPR Hiring Spree but Gaps Persist (2017-08-31) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Data (2017-09-01) thegovlab.org
IRS To Go After Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Profits, What to Expect (2017-09-02) cointelegraph.com
How to Regulate Artificial Intelligence (2017-09-02) thegovlab.org
Ethereum is getting smoked after China and South Korea's ICO crackdown (2017-09-04) www.businessinsider.com
Brief Analysis of China’s Ban on ICOs (2017-09-04) medium.com
China was right to clamp down on ICOs (2017-09-04) medium.com
ICOs for Dummies, & Not in China (2017-09-05) medium.com
Regulatory Details – What Fintech Startups Need to Know (2017-09-05) staging.www.yodlee.com
Lenovo settles with the FTC for pre (2017-09-05) mashable.com
Banning ICOs is bad for crypto? (2017-09-05) medium.com
UK Firms: GDPR Fines Don’t Bother Us (2017-09-06) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Snowflake’s newest cloud data warehouse takes aim at regulated industries (2017-09-06) techcrunch.com
Lenovo pays $3.5 million for preinstalling Superfish adware (2017-09-06) www.theverge.com
US House sends self (2017-09-06) www.engadget.com
EU states’ data retention laws still violating privacy rights, report warns (2017-09-06) techcrunch.com
AWS Lambda is HIPAA eligible (and 7 other updates) (2017-09-06) medium.com
Panel pushes Trump, Congress for better use of confidential evidence in policymaking (2017-09-08) www.washingtonpost.com
Equifax breach disclosure would have failed Europe’s tough new rules (2017-09-08) techcrunch.com
Uber is under FBI investigation over software it used to track Lyft drivers (2017-09-08) www.theverge.com
The FBI is investigating whether Uber used secret software called 'Hell' to track Lyft drivers (2017-09-08) www.businessinsider.com
Uber is apparently facing a third federal criminal investigation (2017-09-08) arstechnica.com
Uber is under federal investigation for spying on Lyft drivers (2017-09-08) www.engadget.com
Bitcoin price drops following report that China is going to shut down local exchanges (2017-09-08) techcrunch.com
Equifax Data Breach Prompts Calls For Tougher Security Requirements On Data Aggregators (2017-09-08) www.darkreading.com
FIDO Alliance FIDO Alliance Addresses PSD2 Screen Scraping Debate in Letter to European Commission and European Parliament (2017-09-08) fidoalliance.org
Kremlin For The Win? Russia To Regulate Cryptocurrency Markets (2017-09-09) btcoin.info
China is shutting down domestic Bitcoin exchanges (2017-09-11) www.theverge.com
Senator says Equifax should offer customers free credit security freezes (2017-09-11) techcrunch.com
Spanish Data Privacy Regulator Fines Facebook $1.5mn (2017-09-11) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Spain Slaps Facebook with a 1.2 Million Euro Privacy Violation Fine (2017-09-11) www.darkreading.com
Senators call for credit report changes after Equifax breach (2017-09-11) www.engadget.com
Law making it illegal to collect data, photo of open land hangs in balance (2017-09-11) arstechnica.com
The Senate has some questions for Equifax over its massive data breach (2017-09-11) mashable.com
China might shut down the country's bitcoin exchanges (2017-09-11) www.engadget.com
Smarter regulation through data science (2017-09-13) fcw.com
GDPR: Don’t Forget The Right to be Forgotten (2017-09-13) www.cbronline.com
US government releases updated guidelines for self (2017-09-13) thenextweb.com
One (2017-09-13) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
U.S. moves to ban Kaspersky software in federal agencies amid concerns of Russian espionage (2017-09-13) www.washingtonpost.com
US Government Bans Kaspersky Lab Products (2017-09-14) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
UK’s Data Protection Bill Contains Exemptions (2017-09-14) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
A State Sales Tax on Personal Data (2017-09-14) hapgood.us
The FTC is looking into the Equifax breach (2017-09-14) www.theverge.com
The FTC is investigating the Equifax breach. Here's why that's a big deal. (2017-09-14) www.washingtonpost.com
ISPs claim a privacy law would weaken online security and increase pop (2017-09-14) arstechnica.com
FTC launches Equifax breach probe, warns consumers about credit scammers (2017-09-14) arstechnica.com
The FTC is investigating Equifax's data breach (2017-09-14) www.engadget.com
FTC Opens Probe into Equifax Data Breach (2017-09-14) www.darkreading.com
Facebook’s generation of ‘Jew Hater’ and other advertising categories prompts system inspection (2017-09-14) techcrunch.com
Google stops challenging most US warrants for data on overseas servers (2017-09-14) arstechnica.com
SEC shows support for ICOs that are not obviously securities (2017-09-14) techcrunch.com
6 Steps for Better Data Recovery Under GDPR (2017-09-15) www.bmc.com
It looks like China is shutting down its blockchain economy (2017-09-15) arstechnica.com
Senate bill calls for free credit freezes after Equifax breach (2017-09-15) www.engadget.com
What does GDPR European Union law mean for your business? (2017-09-16) readwrite.com
Navigable Airspace for Drones: Private Property Rights and Regulated Airspace (2017-09-17) medium.com
Florida Power and Light lobbyists made it illegal to use solar during outages (2017-09-18) boingboing.net
Facebook may be facing an 'era of accountability' (2017-09-19) hosted.ap.org
Senate passes bill requiring easy access to public government data (2017-09-19) www.engadget.com
OPEN Government Data Act poised to pass Congress as part of NDAA (2017-09-19) sunlightfoundation.com
GDPR & the Rise of the Automated Data Protection Officer (2017-09-19) www.darkreading.com
Congress Pushes Ahead with A Legal Mandate for Open Data (2017-09-19) www.datainnovation.org
A framework for the free flow of non (2017-09-20) thegovlab.org
Important Information on New EU Regulations (2017-09-20) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
FTC warns influencers about relying on Instagram's ad marker (2017-09-20) www.engadget.com
The US is still the leader in requesting data on Twitter users, but other countries are catching up (TWTR) (2017-09-20) www.businessinsider.com
The Feds are looking into some suspicious Equifax trades (EFX) (2017-09-20) www.businessinsider.com
FTC lawsuit over D (2017-09-21) www.engadget.com
SendBird complies with EU (2017-09-21) medium.com
Twitter to testify on Russian bots as politicians take aim at big tech (2017-09-21) mashable.com
Facebook and Twitter play bigger role in Congressional election (2017-09-21) techcrunch.com
Court rules Stingray use without a warrant violates Fourth Amendment (2017-09-21) www.engadget.com
Judge overturns local law that effectively banned drones over small town (2017-09-22) arstechnica.com
Breaking: Uber loses its license to operate in London (2017-09-22) thenextweb.com
Uber loses its license to operate in London (2017-09-22) www.theverge.com
Uber is losing its licence to operate in London, but don't panic just yet (2017-09-22) mashable.com
London rejects Uber’s license, saying the company is not ‘fit and proper’ for passengers (2017-09-22) www.washingtonpost.com
London regulator announces Uber ban (2017-09-22) arstechnica.com
A comprehensive look at the new General Data Protection Regulation (2017-09-22) www.complianceweek.com
FTC serves health (2017-09-22) arstechnica.com
The GDPR and the new Data Protection Bill (2017-09-24) www.hughjames.com
Ruling gives FAA more power over drones than local governments (2017-09-24) www.engadget.com
GDPR Compliance and Open Source (2017-09-25) snyk.io
SEC is getting serious about bitcoin fraud and fake news (2017-09-26) www.engadget.com
Uber is pulling out of Québec due to regulatory issues (2017-09-26) techcrunch.com
Russia is threatening to block Facebook if it doesn't store user information in the country (FB) (2017-09-26) www.businessinsider.com
One Tinder user’s data request turned into 800 pages of probing info (2017-09-26) arstechnica.com
ISF Offers GDPR Implementation Roadmap (2017-09-28) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
First China, now South Korea has banned ICOs (2017-09-28) techcrunch.com
FAA outlaws drone use around 10 US monuments and dams (2017-09-29) techcrunch.com
South Korea takes cue from China, bans ICOs (2017-09-29) mashable.com
FAA just banned drones from flying near national landmarks (2017-09-29) mashable.com
South Korea joins China in banning coin offerings (2017-09-29) arstechnica.com
Swiss regulators crack down on ICOs, say some might be guilty of 'terrorist financing' (2017-09-29) www.businessinsider.com
Though Companies Lag in Compliance, Brexit Not (Totally) Derailing UK GDPR Plans (2017-09-29) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
South Korea bans initial coin offerings (2017-09-29) www.theverge.com
The SEC comes down on 2 cryptocurrency (2017-09-29) www.businessinsider.com
The SEC has charged two initial coin offerings with defrauding investors (2017-09-29) techcrunch.com
FAA bans drone flights near major US landmarks (2017-09-29) hosted.ap.org
Senator slams Twitter over suspected accounts tied to Russia (2017-09-29) hosted.ap.org
GDPR: A summary for schools (2017-09-29) www.9ine.uk.com
Energy Secretary proposes rule to make grid managers favor coal, nuclear (2017-09-30) arstechnica.com
When it comes to political ads, it's time for Facebook and Google to be held to the same standards as ABC and CBS (FB) (2017-09-30) www.businessinsider.com
Don’t fly your drone near these US landmarks, FAA warns (2017-10-01) arstechnica.com
UN Opens New Office to Monitor AI Development and Predict Possible Threats (2017-10-02) thegovlab.org
Cryptocurrency ban in South Korea has virtually no effect on Bitcoin (2017-10-02) thenextweb.com
UK to hike penalties on viewing terrorist content online (2017-10-03) techcrunch.com
European court asked to rule on Facebook data transfers (2017-10-03) hosted.ap.org
Challenge to data transfer tool used by Facebook will go to Europe’s top court (2017-10-03) techcrunch.com
European court asked to rule on Facebook data transfers (2017-10-03) hosted.ap.org
Irish court agrees that Facebook’s EU/US data sharing might be illegal (2017-10-03) thenextweb.com
EU (2017-10-04) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Global Orgs Plan Data Migration Ahead of GDPR (2017-10-05) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
GAW Miners founder owes nearly $10 million to SEC over Bitcoin fraud (2017-10-05) arstechnica.com
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GDPR Concerns Include 'Where's My Data Stored?' (2017-10-11) www.darkreading.com
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How to Guarantee the Free Flow of Data in Europe (2017-10-12) www.datainnovation.org
ISPs don’t want to tell the FCC exactly where they offer Internet service (2017-10-12) arstechnica.com
Believe it or not, regulations will make ICOs more awesome (2017-10-15) thenextweb.com
Windows 10's data collection allegedly violates Dutch privacy law (2017-10-15) www.engadget.com
Microsoft said police can’t seize data it stores overseas. The U.S. disagrees. (2017-10-16) www.washingtonpost.com
Telegram fined after refusing to provide user data to Russia (2017-10-16) www.engadget.com
GDPR Compliance: 5 Early Steps to Get Laggards Going (2017-10-16) www.darkreading.com
Why ICO’s Need To Be Regulated (2017-10-17) medium.com
CNN gets the first FAA waiver to fly drones over crowds (2017-10-18) www.engadget.com
European Commission: A Firm “No” to Encryption Backdoors (2017-10-19) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Honest Ads Act would add needed transparency and accountability to online political ads (2017-10-19) sunlightfoundation.com
Facebook and Google might be one step closer to new regulations on ad transparency (2017-10-19) www.washingtonpost.com
The movement to regulate Facebook is attracting powerful new allies (2017-10-20) www.theverge.com
How the laws & regulation affecting blockchain technology can impact its adoption (2017-10-20) www.businessinsider.com
Proposed law would regulate online ads to hinder Russian election influence (2017-10-23) arstechnica.com
Canadian regulators have blocked Soylent, producers say (2017-10-23) arstechnica.com
Microsoft drops lawsuit after DOJ limits use of gag orders when accessing customer data (2017-10-23) techcrunch.com
US government is clueless about AI and shouldn’t be allowed to regulate it (2017-10-24) thenextweb.com
Consumer Group Calls for Changes to Data Protection Bill (2017-10-25) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
UK watchdog calls out unlabelled Snapchat ads for the first time (2017-10-25) www.engadget.com
Trump administration to allow quick and dramatic expansion of drone use (2017-10-25) www.washingtonpost.com
HIPAA Introduction and Compliance Checklist (2017-10-26) www.bmc.com
FCC won’t vote on Net Neutrality in November (2017-10-26) techcrunch.com
CFPB Outlines Principles For Consumer (2017-10-29) www.consumerfinance.gov
McAfee Says "No" to Foreign Govt Code Reviews (2017-10-30) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Coming to the GDPRescue: Prepare for the GDPR with RiskIQ Digital Footprint PII/GDPR Analytics (2017-10-31) www.riskiq.com
EU to Declare Cyber (2017-10-31) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
ICOs and Securities Regulations (2017-11-01) medium.com
Why Facebook and Twitter Can’t Be Trusted to Police Themselves (2017-11-01) www.politico.com
Finally, the EU is giving you control of your banking data (2017-11-02) medium.com
Comcast asks the FCC to prohibit states from enforcing net neutrality (2017-11-03) arstechnica.com
HIPAA’s Security Rule: The Beginner’s Guide (2017-11-06) www.bmc.com
HM Treasury publishes response to PSD2 consultation (2017-11-06) www.lexology.com
Regulating Sharing Economy: 3 Suggestions to Promote Innovation (2017-11-06) medium.com
CCTV Users at 'Risk of Breaching GDPR' (2017-11-08) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
What You Need to Know About Complying With GDPR (2017-11-08) duo.com
The FCC is helping cable companies evade consumer protection rules (2017-11-08) www.engadget.com
IBM’s plan to regulate pot with blockchains isn’t as crazy as it sounds (2017-11-08) arstechnica.com
'Goldilocks' Legislation Aims to Clean up IoT Security (2017-11-09) www.darkreading.com
Sen. Al Franken slams Facebook and Google's control of the press (2017-11-09) www.engadget.com
Tech companies pushed for net neutrality. Now Sen. Al Franken wants to turn it on them. (2017-11-09) www.washingtonpost.com
Regulators are eager for driverless cars—and I might lose a bet (2017-11-09) arstechnica.com
Sen. Al Franken is doubtful Facebook, Google, and Twitter can police their sites — and is calling for 'vigorous oversight' by regulators (FB) (2017-11-09) www.businessinsider.com
Google urges FEC to adopt more specific rules for political ads (2017-11-09) www.engadget.com
IRS targets Coinbase users in an attempt to thwart tax fraud (2017-11-09) mashable.com
Senate Democrats press FEC to expand disclosure requirements to online political advertising (2017-11-13) techcrunch.com
Lawmakers demand investigation into FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (2017-11-13) arstechnica.com
Senators want FEC to improve transparency for online political ads (2017-11-13) www.engadget.com
#ISSE2017: Belgian Government Says Trust at Center of GDPR (2017-11-14) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
#ISSE17: Belgian Government Says Trust at Center of GDPR (2017-11-14) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
FDA approves first drug that doctors can track remotely (2017-11-14) www.engadget.com
Some European Regulators Still Do Not Understand Internet Economics (2017-11-15) www.datainnovation.org
Call to ban sale of IoT toys with proven security flaws (2017-11-15) techcrunch.com
Years after regulatory crackdown, some security cameras still open to hackers (2017-11-15) www.washingtonpost.com
#ISSE17: Connected Devices Legal Framework Proposed by EC (2017-11-15) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Pressure grows on FCC to kill state consumer protection laws (2017-11-15) arstechnica.com
Skype fined $36k for not providing data to Belgian authorities (2017-11-15) thenextweb.com
California may limit liability of self (2017-11-15) hosted.ap.org
Trump administration pulls back curtain on secretive cybersecurity process (2017-11-15) www.washingtonpost.com
Box and Dropbox rival Egnyte is aiming to capitalise on Europe's strict new data laws (2017-11-16) www.businessinsider.com
Segment and the GDPR (2017-11-16) segment.com
Segment has a plan to help companies comply with GDPR data privacy requests (2017-11-16) techcrunch.com
BMC SecOps Policy Service Scales Security and Regulatory Compliance for Complex Cloud Environments (2017-11-16) www.bmc.com
Election officials move closer to placing new rules on Facebook and Google (2017-11-16) www.washingtonpost.com
We're Still Not Ready for GDPR? What is Wrong With Us? (2017-11-17) www.darkreading.com
Germany bans children's smart watches with listening app (2017-11-18) hosted.ap.org
Fiorano Launches PSD2 Solution for Banks for Seamless Regulatory Compliance (2017-11-20) www.businesswire.com
Germany bans kids’ smartwatches that can be used for eavesdropping (2017-11-20) techcrunch.com
UK report calls out “dubious” gig economy practices, urges law reform (2017-11-20) techcrunch.com
Banks aren't following CFPB data (2017-11-20) www.americanbanker.com
PSD2 (2017-11-21) blog.smartbear.com
RIP net neutrality: FCC chair releases plan to deregulate ISPs (2017-11-21) arstechnica.com
FCC announces vote to destroy net neutrality next month (2017-11-21) www.theverge.com
FCC will also order states to scrap plans for their own net neutrality laws (2017-11-21) arstechnica.com
A Call for Greater Regulation of Digital Currencies (2017-11-21) www.darkreading.com
With PSD2 on the horizon, can open banking really be secured? (2017-11-22) www.itproportal.com
What Is GDPR and Why Should Database Administrators Care? (2017-11-22) dzone.com
The UK data regulator says it will 'definitely be investigating' the Uber breach (2017-11-22) www.businessinsider.com
An Important Message from the EHS Team: OSHA Injury Reporting Due December 1, 2017 (2017-11-22) www.piworld.com
OSHA Injury Reporting Due December 1, 2017 (2017-11-22) www.piworld.com
PSD2 vs GDPR: How to Navigate Through Conflicting Regulations (2017-11-22) www.trulioo.com
Text (2017-11-22) www.congress.gov
The Right to Keep Personal Data Private: Carpenter v. U.S. (2017-11-24) www.aclu.org
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FCC doubles down on its dead (2017-11-25) techcrunch.com
AI Can Be Made Legally Accountable for Its Decisions (2017-11-26) www.technologyreview.com
UK bill would give police the power to seize drones (2017-11-26) www.engadget.com
What Is GDPR and Why Should Your Customers Care? (2017-11-26) dzone.com
Zendesk and EU Data Protection (2017-11-27) www.zendesk.com
Comcast throttling BitTorrent was no big deal, FCC says (2017-11-28) arstechnica.com
Comcast flushed its 3 year old net neutrality promise down the memory hole the instant the FCC announced its plan to allow network discrimination (2017-11-29) boingboing.net
The bitcoin exchange Coinbase has been ordered to hand the IRS info on 14,355 of its highest (2017-11-29) www.businessinsider.com
Blockchain never forgets… and neither do the tax collectors… (2017-11-30) medium.com
Coinbase must share users' cryptocurrency data with the IRS (2017-11-30) www.engadget.com
Evidence (2017-11-30) www.govtechworks.com
Bitcoin is gaining ground after futures trading gets approval from US regulators (2017-12-01) markets.businessinsider.com
Federal regulator gives OK for bitcoin futures to trade (2017-12-01) hosted.ap.org
Most Mainframe Users Lag in GDPR Readiness (2017-12-01) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
US politicos wake up to danger of black (2017-12-01) www.theregister.co.uk
Build a Data Protection Officer Checklist for GDPR, Part 1 (2017-12-02) dzone.com
SEC Cyber Unit's first charges target cryptocurrency fraud (2017-12-04) www.engadget.com
Hope grows that a larger SEC crackdown on ICOs is coming — and soon (2017-12-05) techcrunch.com
SEC charges alleged cryptocurrency scam with fraudulently raising $15 million (2017-12-05) www.theverge.com
cybersecurity (2017-12-06) www.nist.gov
I’m a Developer and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is no big deal. Or is it? (2017-12-06) medium.com
CFPB principles for data aggregation services could have broad implications (2017-12-07) www.internationallawoffice.com
San Francisco put the kibosh on delivery robots for now (2017-12-07) boingboing.net
Handling GDPR: How does a log forget? (2017-12-08) www.confluent.io
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai 'jokes' about being a Verizon shill (2017-12-09) www.engadget.com
Ajit Pai jokes with Verizon exec about him being a “puppet” FCC chair (2017-12-09) arstechnica.com
CFPB principles for data aggregation services could have broad implications (2017-12-09) www.lexology.com
All ICOs claiming to be registered with the SEC are lying, says top official (2017-12-12) thenextweb.com
SEC shuts down Munchee ICO (2017-12-12) techcrunch.com
Monitoring regulatory changes to stay one step ahead (2017-12-12) www.risk.net
GDPR: True Cost of Compliance Far Less Than Non (2017-12-12) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
US once again requires that you register your drone (2017-12-12) www.engadget.com
Uber is fighting to keep its licence in another UK city (2017-12-13) www.engadget.com
Micro Focus Embeds Analytics in Archiving Service to Improve Compliance (2017-12-13) www.itbusinessedge.com
India’s taxmen are coming for your Bitcoins (2017-12-13) thenextweb.com
Regulations. (2017-12-14) flowingdata.com
Why the Internet Must Be Regulated (2017-12-15) medium.com
WhatsApp ordered to stop sharing user data with Facebook (2017-12-18) www.theverge.com
New AWS Paris region makes it easier for customers to follow France’s data privacy rules (2017-12-18) techcrunch.com
France gives WhatsApp a month to stop sharing data with Facebook (2017-12-19) www.engadget.com
GDPR: The what, the when, the why... and how Cloudinary is preparing for Day 0 (2017-12-19) cloudinary.com
Facebook Government Data Requests Hit All (2017-12-20) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
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Europe's banks brace for a huge overhaul that throws open the doors to their data (2017-12-25) uk.finance.yahoo.com
Bitcoin needs to prepare for the attack from banks and governments (2017-12-25) thenextweb.com
Google To Extend AdWords API Terms Made With FTC (2017-12-26) www.mediapost.com
Europe's banks brace for a huge overhaul that throws open the doors to their data (2017-12-27) www.hitc.com
South Korea enacts new cryptocurrency regulations (2017-12-28) www.engadget.com
Facebook and Twitter could face UK ‘sanctions’ over fake news (2017-12-29) www.engadget.com
Facebook, Twitter and social media’s road to federal regulation (2017-12-29) www.engadget.com
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Why A Data Portability Act Might Not Be An Effective Policy Path (2018-02-06) www.americanactionforum.org
Apple’s Shazam acquisition to be examined by the European Commission (2018-02-06) www.theverge.com
Cryptocurrency comes storming back after a blockbuster regulatory hearing on Capitol Hill (2018-02-06) www.businessinsider.com
The US is finally taking action on fintech regulation (2018-02-08) www.businessinsider.com
Why Regulation Can Help Bitfinex and Tether (2018-02-09) medium.com
FCC looks to approve SpaceX’s satellite internet plan (2018-02-14) techcrunch.com
London sets out safety (2018-02-15) techcrunch.com
Belgian court orders Facebook to stop collecting data (2018-02-16) hosted.ap.org
The SEC halts trading of 3 companies after they said they were diving into crypto (2018-02-16) www.businessinsider.com
Bitcoin miner in NYC home interfered with T (2018-02-16) arstechnica.com
Meetup: How APIs Will Make or Break Your Success with PSD2 and Open Banking (2018-02-20) blog.smartbear.com
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SEC guidelines push for clearer data breach disclosures (2018-02-21) www.engadget.com
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Government Ramps Up ICO Fees for Large Organizations (2018-02-22) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Reaping the benefits of payment services in a new regulatory environment (2018-02-22) www.ecb.europa.eu
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WTF is CFIUS? (2018-03-04) techcrunch.com
SEC Issues Subpoenas to Crypto (2018-03-05) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
How Cerner Leverages Concourse’s CI Platform for Regulated Environments (2018-03-07) thenewstack.io
Bitcoin drops over increased scrutiny of exchanges, now down 15% from high this week (2018-03-08) www.usatoday.com
Bitcoin drops over increased scrutiny of exchanges, now down 15% from high this week (2018-03-08) www.kiiitv.com
FCC accuses stealth space startup of unauthorized satellite deployment (2018-03-09) techcrunch.com
AI Can Be Made Legally Accountable for Its Decisions (2018-03-11) www.technologyreview.com
FCC accuses startup of launching satellites without permission (2018-03-12) www.engadget.com
Why America Can’t Regulate Bitcoin (2018-03-15) medium.com
Schrödinger’s Securities: Regulation & The Quantum State Of Crypto (2018-03-15) medium.com
Product Announcement: Enablon's API for Employees Covered by OSHA (2018-03-15) www.energymanagertoday.com
United States ICO Regulation (2018-03-15) medium.com
Plattsburgh has become the first city in the US to ban cryptocurrency mining (2018-03-16) www.theverge.com
A New York town just placed a moratorium on crypto mining (2018-03-16) www.engadget.com
For the first time, a US city has banned cryptocurrency mining after large (2018-03-16) www.businessinsider.com
The FTC is cracking down on ‘deceptive cryptocurrency schemes’ (2018-03-16) www.washingtonpost.com
FTC shuts down crypto Ponzi schemers (2018-03-16) techcrunch.com
Apple's Tim Cook calls for tougher regulation of personal data (2018-03-24) www.engadget.com
The Impact of the EU’s New Data Protection Regulation on AI (2018-03-25) datainnovation.org
Watch it, Facebook: new EU data rules may have global impact (2018-03-26) hosted.ap.org
FTC, states increase pressure on Facebook on privacy (2018-03-26) hosted.ap.org
California DMV has new regulations for self (2018-04-02) techcrunch.com
Republican governor forced to stop blocking Facebook users who criticize him (2018-04-03) arstechnica.com
Facebook reported in 7 countries for breaking European privacy law (2018-04-06) thenextweb.com
Facebook is struggling with the EU's stricter privacy laws (2018-04-06) www.engadget.com
Introducing Metadata (2018-04-11) medium.com
Facebook data transfers to be examined by EU court, Irish judge rules (2018-04-12) arstechnica.com
Tougher regulation of Facebook is inevitable (2018-04-12) www.engadget.com
Facebook says it will stop fighting a major California privacy initiative (2018-04-12) www.theverge.com
Calls For Regulation Build After Facebook Privacy Fallout (2018-04-12) kasperskycontenthub.com
Audit clears Facebook despite Cambridge Analytica leaks (2018-04-20) hosted.ap.org
The Importance of the Facebook Search API to Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance… (2018-04-26) medium.com
Why Trading Platforms that Embrace Regulation will Win The Crypto Trading Wars (2018-05-12) medium.com
GET /Compliance and Why You Should Care (2018-05-19) dzone.com
Tech companies outside regulatory reach may be a problem (2018-05-29) www.businessinsider.com
Equifax must boost security under new agreement with states (2018-06-27) www.washingtonpost.com
California just passed one of the toughest data privacy laws in the country (2018-06-28) www.theverge.com
California legislators just adopted tough new privacy rules targeting Facebook, Google and other tech giants (2018-06-28) www.washingtonpost.com
California passes landmark data privacy bill (2018-06-28) techcrunch.com
FEC struggles to craft new rules for political ads in the digital space (2018-06-28) www.washingtonpost.com
UK Government Sets Minimum Cybersecurity Standard (2018-06-29) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Facebook gives US lawmakers the names of 52 firms it gave deep data access to (2018-07-02) techcrunch.com
US court rules that using online photos can be considered 'fair use' (2018-07-03) www.engadget.com
California court says Yelp can’t be forced to remove negative reviews (2018-07-03) www.engadget.com
Facebook’s disclosures under scrutiny as federal agencies join probe of tech giant’s role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica (2018-07-03) www.washingtonpost.com
Facebook offers fresh detail about its ties to dozens of outside companies in more than 700 pages of new data turned over to Congress (2018-07-03) www.washingtonpost.com
Court rules Yelp can’t be forced to remove reviews (2018-07-03) thenextweb.com
Maryland pioneers state regulation of online political advertising (2018-07-03) www.washingtonpost.com
California's New Privacy Law Gives GDPR (2018-07-03) www.darkreading.com
How the SEC could target Facebook (2018-07-03) www.washingtonpost.com
US court upholds FAA drone regulations (2018-07-06) techcrunch.com
SEC is reportedly investigating how Facebook disclosed data scandal (2018-07-12) www.engadget.com
Microsoft says it doesn’t work on ICE facial recognition and calls for regulation (2018-07-13) www.theverge.com
As facial recognition technology becomes pervasive, Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) issues a call for regulation (2018-07-13) techcrunch.com
Smart TVs are invading privacy and should be investigated, senators say (2018-07-13) arstechnica.com
Lawmakers ask FTC to investigate smart TV data collection (2018-07-13) www.engadget.com
SEC halts sketchy Kodak (2018-07-16) www.engadget.com
Cryptocurrency regulations of the biggest markets (2018-07-18) medium.com
DuckDuckGo slams Google following EU antitrust decision (2018-07-20) www.theverge.com
The Latest Legislative Data Initiatives (2018-07-23) newsbreaks.infotoday.com
Regulatory Technology – Replacing Law with Computer Code (2018-08-01) thegovlab.org
Cryptocurrency Regulation Update (August 2018) (2018-08-01) medium.com
SEC investigates tea company whose stock rose 500% after adding blockchain to its name (2018-08-02) thenextweb.com
Massachusetts bill would require employers to pay up when enforcing noncompetes (2018-08-03) www.washingtonpost.com
Governments are getting better at regulating the 'sharing economy' (2018-08-11) www.businessinsider.com
Trump Signs NIST Act to Benefit Small Businesses (2018-08-16) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Court rules accessing smart meter data constitutes a government search (2018-08-23) www.engadget.com
China to crack down on 124 offshore cryptocurrency exchanges (2018-08-23) thenextweb.com
Comcast/Charter lobby asks FTC to preempt state broadband regulations (2018-08-23) arstechnica.com
The SEC just rejected nine Bitcoin ETFs (2018-08-24) www.businessinsider.com
Keep the government out of Google searches (2018-08-28) www.washingtonpost.com
Facebook and Twitter executives to testify to Congress next week (2018-08-29) www.washingtonpost.com
Sen. Orrin Hatch is telling the FTC to investigate Google after Trump’s ‘bias’ attacks (2018-08-30) www.theverge.com
San Francisco rejects permit application for Bird and Lime scooters (2018-08-31) boingboing.net
Regulation is the Enemy of Decentralization (2018-09-03) medium.com
The US government comes for Google, Facebook, and Twitter (2018-09-07) www.engadget.com
New York state approves two dollar (2018-09-10) www.engadget.com
EU approves controversial internet ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’ (2018-09-12) www.theverge.com
Europe just voted to wreck the internet, spying on everything and censoring vast swathes of our communications (2018-09-12) boingboing.net
Bill for Financial Services Breach Notification Passed (2018-09-17) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Freezing your credit is now free in all states under a new law (usatoday.com) (2018-09-22) www.usatoday.com
Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data (2018-10-03) techcrunch.com
Experts: California's IoT Security Law Falls Short (2018-10-08) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Facebook can simply say ‘no’ to EU’s proposed audit (2018-10-26) thenextweb.com
Should Regulators Ban Crypto? (2018-10-26) medium.com
The EU's new Link Tax bans the use of Creative Commons and open access for news (2018-10-28) boingboing.net
The Inevitability of AI Law & Policy: Preparing Government for the Era of Autonomous Machines (2018-11-01) thegovlab.org
Sen. Mark Warner on breaking up Facebook and Congress’s plan to regulate tech (2018-11-05) www.theverge.com
Japan wants to regulate cryptocurrency wallet services (2018-11-16) thenextweb.com

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